2015 Meetings

December 20, 2015
Jane Austen’s Birthday Celebration
Austin History Center

We celebrated Jane Austen’s Birthday at the Austin History Center, and there were lovely recipes from the JA Cookbook and more!  We had a wonderful time, and some members wore their Regency attire.


November 15, 2015
Jane Austen and the Materiality of Bath
Presented by Dr. Karen Dodwell
Thousand Oaks Library, San Antonio

Dr. Dodwell spoke about all of the actual places used in Northanger Abbey and compared them with the fictionalized places she used for Persuasion.


October 25, 2015
Beneath the Surface of Northanger Abbey
Presented by Barbara Burnham
at Austin History Center

Barbara led the discussion about the deeper issues in Northanger Abbey, beyond the characters and the goth.

September 13, 2015
English Country Dancing
Presented by Mary Anne Hinz
at Parman Branch Library, San Antonio

Mary Anne talked about English Country Dance and how it related to Northanger Abbey, and then taught us dances led by caller Jimmy Drury.


June 7, 2015
What Jane Saw
Presented by Dr. Janine Barchas
at the Austin History Center

JASNA members were delighted to be able to walk a day in Jane Austen’s shoes and see the artwork that she viewed at the Shakespeare Gallery in 1796.


March 29, 2015
Northanger Abbey, A Dramatic Reading
Presented by Jodi Leckbee and Annie Hedrick
at the Austin History Center

Jodi and Annie led members through a dramatic reading of Northanger Abbey, in which members played different characters in the play adaption.


February 21, 2015
Gothic Literature and Northanger Abbey
Presented by Debye Nicholl
at Brook Hollow Library, San Antonio

Debye read scenes from Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, and compared it to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey