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What Jane Saw”

Janine Barchas, Ph.D. Louann and Larry Temple Centennial Professor in English Literature, University of Texas at Austin

You are invited to time travel to two art exhibitions witnessed by Jane Austen: the Sir Joshua Reynolds retrospective in 1813 or the Shakespeare Gallery as it looked in 1796. These two Georgian blockbusters took place, years apart, in the same London exhibition space at 52 Pall Mall (it no longer exists). When Austen visited in 1813, the building housed the British Institution, an organization promoting native artists. On her earlier London visit in 1796, it was the first-ever museum dedicated to William Shakespeare.

Jane Austen Events!

Jane Austen’s Emma at the Waco & The Heart of Texas Civic Theatre
March 27, 2020 – April 5, 2020
More Info. and Tickets Here!

Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility at UT Austin
April 8, 2020 – April 19, 2020
More Info. and Tickets Here!

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Jane Austen’s House Museum Launches 70th Anniversary Exhibition

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Jane Austen Centre

nestled in the heart of the city is the Jane Austen Centre, a permanent exhibition that explores Jane’s time in Bath and the influence that this beautiful city had on her books, characters and personal life.

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