Austen in Austin

Are first editions or lavishly illustrated volumes of a novel more important than the cheaper reprints that are merely read and discarded? Austen in Austin, a special exhibit at the Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, explores this topic by displaying– for the first time– cheap, mass-market reprints of Austen’s six novels alongside priceless first editions and other valuable versions. The exhibit illustrates how inexpensive and accessible editions, printed on shoddy paper and sold in railway stations or given as school prizes, may have made Austen popular long before she was considered great.  

Professor Janine Barchas, curator of the exhibit and author of The Lost Books of Jane Austen, discussed this topic in her plenary talk at the 2019 AGM. 

!Upcoming Event!
Gallery Talk: Austen in Austin with Dr. Janine Barchas.
Thursday, November 21
7:00PM – 8:00PM CST
Harry Ransom Center
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Austen in Austin is on view through January 5, 2020.