Jane Austen Society of North America – South Central Texas Region

Join us for a day with JASNA president Liz Philosophos Cooper, as she delivers her talk “Jane Austen: Working Woman.” Jane Austen was a working woman and a determined professional writer. This illustrated talk will explore Austen’s involvement in the business of publishing novels during a time of rampant financial instability. The Austen family were active participants in both war and finance, and these two sectors intertwined in the story of Jane Austen’s writing and publishing.

The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) was founded 40 years ago, with an inaugural dinner on October 5, 1979. Since then, JASNA has become the largest literary society in the world devoted to Jane Austen. JASNA brings together thousands of members—Austen’s enthusiastic readers and professional scholars alike—to promote the study and appreciation of her works, life, and genius.